This Week at EBHS (Nov 21-27)

This Week at EBHS (Nov 21-27)


Mon, Nov 21-Parent Council Meeting 7:00 pm


Attention Grade 12's! The new EBHS Scholarship Handbook is now complete!  Copies are available to be signed out from the Learning Commons and it's also available on our school website at  If you would like your very own copy or would like one to share with a classmate please see your school counsellor for a copy.

Talon Wear order forms are due November 25 with payment in full.  PLEASE NOTE the correction to the form: Sweat pants are $24! There are sample products & sizes available at the Office.  If you have any questions please see Mrs. Nixdorf.

20th Anniversary Fundraiser – Goal:  To Raise 20,000 nickels and dimes
TAG Competition - Each TAG will be provided with a sealed empty milk container with a slot for coins.  
Strategy:  You will want to put nickels, dimes, toonies, paper money and cheques in the container in your own TAG.  These coins are positive and make your score go up.   Quarters and loonies are negative and make the score go down, so you will want to put those coins in the milk container in a different TAG.  Let the games begin!!!!!!
The winning TAG will get to recommend the local charity or school project that will receive the money.  Parent Council will give final approval of the charity or project.



Both SR Girls and SR Boys made it to the semifinals in zones this past weekend.

Congrats to all our teams on a great season!


DREAMS Programming coming up:
Lunch and Learn this Friday (Nov 25) in Room 128-Topic is Healthy and Unhealthy Eating
Dealing with Disobedience-IF Cox School Tue, Dec 6-6:00-8:00 pm To register or fore more info call 403-504-0833