January Diploma Exams and Inclement Weather |

January Diploma Exams and Inclement Weather

Letter to Parents of Students Writing Diploma Exams
Re: Inclement Weather and Diploma Exams
In the case of inclement weather during Diploma exams, the school will remain open for Diploma Exam students who are safely (parent decision) able to reach the school to write the exam. If a student is going to be late or unable to reach the school to write a Diploma exam, their parents must contact the Principal who will review the following options:
1. If the student is late getting to the exam, the starting time can be delayed for up to one hour only. This late privilege would only be granted by the Principal if there are extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student. This student would then receive the full amount of time allotted for completion of the exam. All students must remain in the examination area for the first hour of the exam.
2. If the student is unable to get to the school at all due to inclement weather, the student may apply to Alberta Education for an exemption. If an exemption is granted (which is not guaranteed), it is indicated on the student’s transcripts. Alberta Learning is not aware of any University faculties discriminating against students because they did not write the exam. Students should have the same chance of being accepted as if they would have written the Diploma exam. If the exemption is granted, the student’s final mark will be calculated by giving the Teacher awarded mark for the missing Diploma exam mark.
3. If the student does not wish to apply for an exemption or if the exemption is not granted by Alberta Education, the student will need to write the missed exam at a later date. Most Diploma exams are available for writing in January, April, June, August and November each year.
If you have any questions or concerns about any of the information described above, please contact your school Principal.