Cammie Kannekens

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Room 124
About Me

Hi! I've taught Social Studies and English (and even some Science) at EBHS since it opened, and can't imagine teaching at a better school. I also have coached Curling and Track & Field for most of those years. EBHS really feels like home for me because I grew up a few miles on down the Eagle Butte Road. I eventually left home to go to the University of Lethbridge where I earned my B.A. / B.Ed., majoring in French. In June 2014 I completed my Masters of Education Degree from the University of Gonzaga.  I'm married to Brian, and we have 3 kids that keep us very busy--a son (17) and twin daughters (15). In a former life I played lots of sports and lots of instruments, but now it seems I mostly help my kids with their sports and instruments!

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