Green Certificate

Students may register in the Alberta Agriculture/Alberta Education recognized Green Certificate Program which is designed as an agricultural apprenticeship program for high school students.  The Green Certificate is noted on the student’s Alberta High School Transcript of marks.  A Green Certificate recognizes the skill competence achieved by a person who works and trains outside of school hours in the farming industry.  Individuals gain competence in career skills in any of the following production areas:  Cow/Calf, Field Crop, Dairy, Feedlot, Irrigated Crop, Sheep, and Swine.  A student can earn 16 credits in the first level of any production area.


We will be offering Green Certificate testing on APRIL 20TH for the very first time at Eagle Butte High School!

Students who have completed AGR 3000 are eligible to take this oral exam.

Please contact the Off Campus office at EBHS to register or to find out more information. 403.528.1996 ext 2043