Off Campus Education

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Work Experience
Work Experience involves high school students in Grades 11 or 12 who spend part of their day on the job doing meaningful work on or off the high school campus. Work Experience integrates a student’s academic study and related work experience with cooperating employers in the appropriate fields of business, industry, government, social services, and professions. Students work with employers for several hours a week and receive 1 high school credit for every 25 hours of work to a maximum of 15 credits.  Summer Work Experience is highly recommended.  Students wishing to earn work experience credits during the summer must register with the Work Experience Coordinator prior to June.

RAP - Registered Apprenticeship Program 
The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is a program, where you, as a registered high school student, can become an apprentice while you are in high school.  You earn hours toward your apprenticeship, earn credits toward your high school diploma, and earn a wage -- at the same time. There are 50 apprenticeship trades in Alberta and a student could earn up to 40 credits in this program.

CAREERS: The Next Generation works with schools to introduce students to the importance of employability skills and to help students become aware of the career opportunities in the trades through classroom presentations to Grade 10 students. Students who meet program criteria have the opportunity to apply to the RAP Program.  Students start with a 125 hour pre-RAP internship and then transition from the internship into the RAP program

Health Internships
CAREERS: The Next Generation works with schools to address the importance of employability skills and to help students become aware of the career opportunities in the health services industry through classroom presentations to Grade 11 students. Students seriously considering a career in the health services industry are given the opportunity to apply for a Health Services Summer Internship placement. The summer internship is available as a two-year summer program. Interested students must meet program criteria and must submit an application. Industry selects the successful candidates through a competitive interview process.

Green Certificate
Students may register in the Alberta Agriculture/Alberta Education recognized Green Certificate Program which is designed as an agricultural apprenticeship program for high school students.  The Green Certificate is noted on the student’s Alberta High School Transcript of marks.  A Green Certificate recognizes the skill competence achieved by a person who works and trains outside of school hours in the farming industry.  Individuals gain competence in career skills in any of the following production areas:  Cow/Calf, Field Crop, Dairy, Feedlot, Irrigated Crop, Sheep, and Swine.  A student can earn 16 credits in the first level of any production area.

PFO - Petroleum Field Operator
The South Eastern Alberta Partners for Youth Career Development and CAREERS: The Next Generation work with schools to introduce Grade 10 students to career opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry as a Production Field Operator. Presentations are made to Grade 10 students. The PFO pathway enables students to obtain a Production Field Operator certificate from SAIT while attending high school.  Students earn high school CTS credits as well as certification from SAIT Polytechnic.  Qualified PFO students may apply for a PFO summer internship, attend the Cenovus Energy Camp in July, and enroll in industry safety training in July. The internship placements are designed for three summers of workplace experience with local industry and are obtained through a competitive interview process.

Power Engineering
CAREERS: The Next Generation and the South Eastern Alberta Partners for Youth Career Development are implementing a high school Power Engineering Program to begin in September 2012. Students in Grade 10 will have the opportunity to enroll at NAIT for the theory component and local industry will provide summer internships for students to complete the hands-on firing or steam time as required by Alberta Boiler’s Safety Authority (ABSA) in order to achieve a 4th Class Power Engineering Certificate.