Accountability Pillar Survey Parent Information Letter |

Accountability Pillar Survey Parent Information Letter

January 17, 2018
Dear Parents:
Re: Accountability Pillar Survey
Alberta Education conducts a yearly survey of all grade 10 students and parents with regards to the education system. The survey you will be sent specifically focuses on the education your child is receiving through Eagle Butte High School in the Prairie Rose School Division.
You may have already received a letter and the survey from Alberta Education. If you have not, please be patient as the surveys are mailed out in January.
The main purpose of this letter is two-fold:
The first is to encourage you to participate in the survey. The last survey showed a low participation rate just over 30 households completing the survey. I encourage you to complete the survey to the best of your knowledge. The school would like to hear from a significant number of grade 10 parents.
The second point is to address one concern I often hear. Hopefully, the information further in this letter will help alleviate this concern. We hear from grade 10 parents that there is difficulty with the timing of this survey as your son or daughter has just transferred from Irvine, Parkside, Seven Persons, Ralston, Schuler or a Junior High School from Medicine Hat or another area. You feel that you lack the knowledge to accurately answer certain parts of the survey. Parents inform us that a more accurate survey would come from grade 12 parents. Although this argument has merit, you as grade 10 parents are being surveyed by Alberta Education, so we cannot control who it is sent to. Please complete the survey to the best of your ability. I will also provide you with some information you may not know about, to help with more accurate responses on your part.
Our intent is NOT to influence you in order that Eagle Butte receives a favorable report – except for ONE AREA --- When you complete the survey, please do NOT indicate “N/A” or “Do not know”… If you feel so inclined toward indicating such a response, please give us the benefit of the doubt for that particular area, as “N/A or do not know” counts as a negative rating when all of the responses are put together.
To help you feel more confident with your responses, here are some activities/initiatives we have started or are continuing for the 2017-2018 school year:
1. TAG Three-Year Initiative – starting a new cycle – includes grade level TAGS, Flex Friday opportunities, Wednesday Lessons focusing on academic supports (Gr. 10), Values and Citizenship (Gr. 11), Service (Gr. 12) – we are beginning our “new three year cycle” based on changes from the learned experiences of our initial three years.
2. Continued growth of our Distance Education Class for student timetables that are not able to meet specific graduation/other needs --- offered in both semesters
3. Off-Campus Programming – our Work Experience Program, Due Diligence Bursaries possible for all students, RAP program, PFO (SAIT) and Power Engineering (NAIT) provide excellent opportunities for students to earn credits and gain important skills and knowledge in the workplace
4. Purchases to date for 2017-18:
 Major parking lot improvements
 New plasma cutter technology in the Industrial Arts Lab
 New table saw in the Industrial Arts Lab
 Digital Sign at the front of the school
 EBHS Sign on the school itself
Please note: We are well equipped for computers and Chrome Books with 2.5 computer labs and 2 Chrome Book Carts of 30 machines each, as well as class sets of I-pads --- purchased last year.
5. Our School Council continues to be an active part of our school – providing extra help on special occasions, purchasing school equipment (i.e. in the past… new stoves for our Foods Area, supplies for our new Psychology Courses), First Day Activities – Theater - Awards Ceremony supports, hot lunch provider… and so much more
7. All schools in Prairie Rose are focusing on literacy for all students in all classrooms
8. Digital Portfolios – created and used by all students this year --- to be updated and accessed for all three years of high school – students can take a digital copy with them upon graduation
9. Prairie Rose Division Office – Having Phase 1 and Phase 2 Consultations with all schools, School Councils and focus groups of high school students
10. Public PowerSchool - all parents should have received login information and access to student course marks online through our website ( -- indications from our statistics show that this is being well used
11. Improving communication with parents through the use of Facebook and the EBHS Website, our School Messenger Program, as well as letters sent home at specific times of the year to help with a combined parental/school supports concept… furthering our desire to build relationships not just with students, but with parents as
We are very proud of the initiatives and educational climate at EBHS. However, there is always room for school improvement hence the request for your involvement in the survey. Please assist us in recognizing what is working well at the school and what areas of programming and operation may need to be adjusted to better serve all of our students.
Thank you for your time and considerations toward Eagle Butte High School.
Mr. Mark Heinricks 
Mr. Jonn Baird