February 9, 2021 - Board Meeting Highlights |

February 9, 2021 - Board Meeting Highlights

2021-2022 School Calendar
Assistant Superintendent Kal Koch presented three drafts of the 2021-2022 school year calendar for discussion and approval. It was noted that the biggest difference between the three drafts is the PD and SI days surrounding the November Remembrance Day holiday. The board voted to approve draft Calendar #3. The approved 2021-2022 calendar can be viewed here: 2021-2022 PRPS Calendar

Status Report 2020-2022 Three-Year Education Plan, Deeper Learning
Deputy Superintendent Reagan Weeks explained that due to COVID-19, implementation of some of the education strategies identified in the Three-Year Education Plan have been modified and adapted to accommodate public health restrictions. In some instances this has also meant delaying off-campus programming opportunities such as the partnership with the Medicine Hat College where students receive trades instruction. In the area of deeper learning, staff been able to continue with professional development by attending virtual sessions after school one-day each week to learn new ways to integrate technology into Google Classroom.  In literacy, PRPS Instructional Learning Coaches have collaborated with staff to formulate literacy goals for each student in the division.

Seven Persons School Presentation

  1. Technology in Kindergarten: Kindergarten teacher Catherine Davies spoke about how she has integrated the use of technology with her students. Students shared some of the ways they use technology in their learning. This includes a virtual visit to the Calgary Zoo where they spoke with a zoo keeper, staying connected to their class for socialization through ‘buddy time’ when requiring to isolate due to COVID-19, and by inviting mystery readers to join the class.
  2. Grade 4 Pen Pal Program: Teacher Lana Christmann explained that her grade 4 class was participating in a pen pal program with a local senior’s home. The program allows students to learn from an older generation and provides them with the experience of writing, sending, and receiving a letter. Students read the letters that they wrote and received back from their senior pen pals.

Hockey Academy Presentation
Director of the South Alberta Hockey Academy Darren MacMillan provided a program update and how the program has grown across Prairie Rose since its inception in 2018-2019. Currently, a total of 157 students are enroled in the SAHA academy. Of this number, 45 are part of the new U18 high performance hockey teams. It was also shared that there has been significant growth in female enrolment in the feeder school academy programs with the addition of the U18 female prep team. Since 2018, female participation has grown from seven to 43. Information related to mental health and wellness, communication and fitness facilities was also shared. Player Ethan Machan spoke about his experience with the academy and the new U18 male team.